Author Services

Early 2011, I stepped into the field of cover design for independent authors and small press publishers. If you're interested in hiring me to do cover work, please read through to the end of this page to learn more about my process.

I offer three types of covers:

Basic Cover:
This is the least expensive option, but has the least amount of flexibility. Most of the time, it doesn't include any original artwork. I'll use very simple hand-drawn things, stock photos and stock fonts, textures, etc. No vectors. Price is $50 to $100, depending on the project.

Custom + Basic Cover:
A mix and match of Custom and Basic, which means there is a little more flexibility than Basic, but a little less than Custom. I'll probably use some stock photos and some artwork. I won't create a font. (Will use a stock font.) Vectors are a possibility, depending on the project. Price is $100 to $300, depending on the project.

Custom Cover:
This has the most amount of flexibility, but does require the largest amount of work on my part. Original artwork, possibility of original font. Vectors. Price is $300 to $700 or higher, depending on the project.

Regardless of what type of font you want (custom or stock), if I need to draw more than one character for the cover, that will put you in the upper end of "Custom Cover."

These prices represent eBook covers only, and don't include the back and spine for print covers. If you'd like me to put together a print cover, add $50 to the cost.

To see sample covers, click on the "Covers" tab above.


Initial contact: we'll get in touch and discuss your project, along with deadlines, expectations, etc. (Please note that some covers may take up to several months to create. The more artwork involved, the more time I'll need. For a basic cover, expect at least a month for the entire project to be completed. For the other cover options, I may need more time than that.)

In your initial email, please include the following information:
  • Title
  • Author name
  • Any subtitles
  • Genre
  • Overall feel
  • Ideas you have
  • Colors you'd like
  • Colors you want to avoid
  • Names of books with covers you like (that represent what feel you're going for)
  • Whether this is for an eBook cover, a print cover, or both.

If you aren't sure what you want it to look like, that's fine too, but remember that narrowing things down sooner rather than later will save money and time.

After we've decided on a deadline and I understand the overall feel for the book, we'll work out a quote and I'll put together one to three mock-up covers. Please note that they won't be perfect and will need tweaking. I'll forward them to you, and then will wait to hear back as to which one you prefer, and any comments you have on it, or changes you'd like. (eg: the colors, fonts I've used, the positioning and sizing of everything, etc.)

After I've implemented your suggestions, I'll forward you the newest version, and we'll work back and forth until we're both happy. If you change your mind and want something completely different, that's fine, but we'll need to discuss additional charges.

A couple of things to remember:
For eBooks, the most important thing is for the title to be visible when the book is very, very small. If you've chosen a long title, that will reduce the clarity and size of other things on the cover. Also, subtitles will not be legible (though I can add them), and you probably won't want blurbs, though I can add those as well. I will put those on the cover of the print version if you request it.

I require full payment before I send you the completed file.

I can send you different sizes for the different websites you may want to upload to.

If you're interested, I also do banners, bookmarks, logos, icons, etc. Those are priced individually. Please contact me for further information. jamesecurwenATgmailDOTcom