Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Firestorm Armada Ship Review: Directorate Battleship

I have several Firestorm ships I bought on clearance and this will be the first in a series where I review what I think about them from a modelling perspective. So first up is the Directorate Battleship.

Upsides: I love that Spartan Games makes their stuff primarily out of resin. This ship is actually one single piece of resin so no parts to glue, or more importantly, no parts to fall off. This does present some other challenges and drawbacks which will be outlined in the Downsides section. I would prefer plastic due to it being less expensive but it's certainly much lighter and holds paint better than pewter. I always thought pewter was the worst possible choice to make minis out of. The design of the ship is pretty aggressive looking. It has a slightly crustacean feel to me.

Downsides: Although I love resin there do tend to be slight bubble if its cast improperly and having cast resin parts myself I know this all too well. There are some small bubbles in the corners of some of the belly guns and in the engine section of this model. They can easily be repaired with a little putty or some extra paint and are not very noticeable. I didn't notice any mold lines though which is good. The base it comes with a little tight and I had to drill it out to make it big enough for the vertical post the ship sits on.

All in all I liked this mini. I regret my paint scheme, it's pretty loud and if I had it to do over again I'd pick something more muted. Not having to glue on stupid little pieces was a nice change. I just primed it out of the box and started painting.

Here are some pictures:



Next star ship review will be of the Sorylan Skyhammer Cruiser.

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