Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pacific Rim Review

Went and saw Pacific Rim the other day. Over all, I liked it.


I appreciated that they didn't go for crap romances. (Did you hear that, Christopher Nolan with Man of Steel? That kiss was unwanted and unnecessary, sir. Talk about doing it for the money. Zero passion. But that's a review for Man of Steel.)

Back to Pacific Rim. I liked the scale of the combat. It really did feel epic.
I generally like the look of the movie. The way they made everything look used and had seen actual combat.

The pacing was good. There was enough going on throughout that I wasn't too bored for a long period of time.


The acting sucked. The characters sucked, the "quirky" scientists in particular. Everyone felt flat somewhat. Still better than Michael Bay. A word to Michael Bay: Stop making movies. NOW! You say, but hey, Michael Bay makes a lot of money. Well I say, so do drug dealers. As far as I'm concerned they both damage society and should be illegal.

Pacific Rim was better than Transformers, as far as giant combat movies go. And since these are the only two giant robot combat franchises I think the bar was set pretty low.

Oh and I didn't like the robot designs too much. They were a little goofy.

And it was ridiculous that they used helicopters to transport them. Those helicopters would never be able to lift something that size. The physics didn't add up. Speaking about implausibility, (spoiler alert) you can't escape a nuclear blast with only 18 seconds.

I'm listing a lot of things I didn't like, but the things I liked definitely made up for the negatives. It was overall a decent summer action movie that was heavy on action and light on substance.